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Insurmountable Coding Problems

Overview of Course Assignments

Each assignment listed is linked to another page containing instructions (you can also find these links elsewhere on the website, where relevant). Don’t forget that there are two to three Modules to perform each week aside from these assignments, to be completed at your own pace. You will find assignments much easier to master in a timely fashion if you keep up with the Modules using the schedule listed, and the readings associated with the Course Outline. Remember: these assignments will not be given a grade, although your peers, the course assistant, and instructor may all provide feedback. Your final grade will be decided in conversation between you and the instructor after your wholistic consideration of your effort and progress in the course using the Self Evaluation.

Homework Assignments

Peer Commentary due with each Homework assignment!

Analysis Replication Assignment due December 14, 2023.

You must choose the paper/dataset for the Analysis Replication Assignment by Week 5 (Thursday, October 05, 2023).

Group Presentation and R Vignette due November 27, 2023

You must choose your group and analysis/vignette for the Group Presentation by Week 9 (Thursday, November 02, 2023).

Self Evaluation due December 14, 2023