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Insurmountable Coding Problems

Sashay… Away.

The following self evaluation is meant to guide you through a reflection on what you put into this course, and also what you got out of it in return. Your self evaluation is not the place to criticize, evaluate, or thank the instructor (we will have had many thorough conversations about that in class, and formal evaluations on the last day of class). This is about you. Unless otherwise noted, please answer each question in no more than eight sentences. At the end, I ask you to assign yourself a grade that you think is both a fair and honest reflection of your performance in the class given what was asked of you.

Whether I agree with your assessment or not, I will schedule a time for us to discuss your self-assessment. In this discussion, we will come to an agreement regarding your final grade reflecting the criteria in the Course Overview and as outlined below.


Please download this Markdown file (selfevaluation.Rmd) from my GitHub site (in the folder) and answer the appropriate questions in the spaces provided. Once you’ve knitted the final file, please email the html version of that file to me with the name [LastF]_F19_SelfEvaluation.html (with LastF meaning your last name followed by your first initial, i.e., mine would be called SchmittC_F19_SelfEvaluation.html). I must receive this file by December 14, 2023 at the earliest, and by Midnight of the Final Exam Date at the latest.

Overall Impression

In place of my name as author on this Markdown file, please insert your own, along with the date on which you completed this self-assessment. In place of the RuPaul GIF, above, please choose a GIF of a drag queen that best exemplifies your overall feelings about what you learned/accomplished in this course. Additionally, replace the The following self evaluation... text below your GIF with a three sentence summary of your experience in the class and what you take away from it to accompany that GIF. You may also choose a catchy title.

What were you asked to do?

Please give me a bulleted/numbered list of each task you were asked to do for this course. Where relevant, please also link the html version of the file representing each task, in your own repos, to the bulleted entry for that task.

What did you accomplish?

Please let me know how many of the above tasks you accomplished. If any of them were accomplished later than stipulated, please note that. If you contacted me about them being late (and we discussed it and I said it was ok), please note that, too. You may provide a bulleted/numbered list matching the one above.

How well did you accomplish them?

Please let me know how well you feel you accomplished your tasks, in a general sense. What do you feel you did the best, and what did you do the least well? What was the hardest part for you? Did your work/understanding/ease improve over the course of the semester?

How has your understanding of and approach to statistics and project design changed since taking this course?

This may be in relation to previous knowledge, or in relation to future/planned work.

What did you learn from all this?

Please name at least three things you feel you learned in this course.

What did your learn about teamwork in this course? How did the readings on teamwork foster this understanding? How did the teamwork experiences?

How did the Peer Commentary process and Group Project relate, if at all, to what you view as your successes or difficulties in this course?

What, if anything, of lasting value do you take away from this experience? If nothing, what would you do differently if you were to start over in this course?

Taking this self-assessment into account (and with A being the highest), if you were the instructor, what grade would you give yourself given your evaluation of your own performance this semester? Please be honest.

[insert letter grade here]